Yellow Sunset on Dawhoo Cut  24 X 30 "

Yellow Sunset on Dawhoo Cut 24 X 30 "

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Yellow sky means morning of afternoon light with a great deal of moisture in the air. Most locals will agree that our climate can hold its share of moisture. Therefore yellow skies are relatively frequent here, especially near large bodies of water. Yellow skies make the environment glow with infrequently recognized colors. Greens and browns no longer look the same when blue skies turn yellow and shadows are not their usual dark hue as the light bounces all about, penetrating deep folds in the landscape. 

 This late afternoon scene on the Dawhoo "Cut" was observed as the day's breezes died down, leaving glorious reflections.

This acrylic on canvass is 24 X30" and weighs 2 pounds.