Yellow Dawn at South Santee  48 X 24 "

Yellow Dawn at South Santee 48 X 24 "

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The Santee delta has a rich history. The French Huguenots fled France when the "Sun King" ( Louis XIV) revoked the "Edict of Nantes" which previously had allowed for religious tolerance of protestants in catholic France. Therefore , Huguenots who could escape, did escape to Caribbean Islands, England, Switzerland, and the New World. Many of these skilled, hardworking upper middle class immigrants came to  the Santee Delta and prospered. Rice was just starting to be cultivated and this delta turned out to be "prime turf" for irrigation by tidal force. The richest county in 18th century America was here. The Civil War destroyed this area and rice would never be "king" here again. Nevertheless, evidence remains with extensive canals and impoundments used for rice cultivation still recognizable 150 years later. Nature has continued here unaffected by time and beauty; it is omnipresent. This early morning scene on the South Santee represents the tide water-old rice field interface with spindly pines barely surviving an existence in this boggy landscape.

This is a 48 X 24 " painting and weighs7 pounds