Two Palmettos Fenwick Island  8 X 10"

Two Palmettos Fenwick Island 8 X 10"

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Palmettos and pines make a statement at Fenwick Island and these are what lowcountry residents are most familiar with. Although Live Oaks are the backbone and Magnolia grandiflora are the flowering queen, pines and Palmettos define our location. Palmettos survive in cooler climates than most palms and are comfortable up to USDA zone 8. Although zone 9 and zone 10A palms can survive in this uniquely warm coastal region, those palms are not indigenous to this region. Palmettos became our "state Tree" after the battle of Fort Sullivan (renamed Fort Moultrie after the stunning victory over British War Machines and land forces were repelled June 28, 1776). The crescent moon flew over the fort during the battle but palmetto logs were used to hold the sand fortress together. Myth wrongly attributed the victory to the palmetto by theorizing that projectiles were absorbed by the spongy nature of the logs, which was pure fabrication. The sand was something that British warships did not  configure when they fired thousands of projectiles at this primitive defensive structure. Nevertheless, we love our state tree. Unfortunately, our government authorities have no idea what our state tree looks like and has placed a coconut palm in the past on our automobile license plates. ( By the way, they also placed a sparrow rather than the Carolina Wren on the license plate the very next year!). 

 These two Palmettos have endured much to reach this height. They stand alone in the grasslands on Fenwick Island and reveal beautiful colors in this degree of sunshine. Palmettos are about 20-25 years old when the finally develop a significant trunk. These two specimens are at least 50 years old.

 This is a small acrylic painting at 8 X 10" and weighs about 6 oz.