Two Oaks; Avery Island Louisiana  16 X 20 "

Two Oaks; Avery Island Louisiana 16 X 20 "

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If you haven't had the privilege of visiting Avery Island yet, I hope the opportunity arises sometime. The Island actually is one of a few salt domes that are found out in the bayous of the gulf coast of south Louisiana. Most know it for its Tabasco Sause and others may recognize it as an Audubon Bird Sanctuary. Few houses are found on this island's few roads as this island is family owned. Many get passes to visit the Tabasco Company's pepper sauce production and shop.

This island clearly stands out when compared to the landscape elsewhere in south Louisiana.  Salt Domes are remnants of an ancient basin which extended well into the continent during a previous global warming well before humans arrived on the planet. The water was salty and huge accumulations of salt were compacted over time and were pushed up making huge mounds and steep hills in the marshy landscape. Ponds with cypress dot the landscape here and agricultural fields line the roads as they weave about the island. In one of these large fields, these two oaks huddle together near a drainage ditch in the afternoon sun.

This is an acrylic on canvas and is 16 X 20", 10 oz.