The Big Hole River Montana  11 X 14"

The Big Hole River Montana 11 X 14"

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As I alluded to when I introduced this on-line gallery, the focus is on the SC lowcountry; however, some subjects as this one, are experiences of the artist's life history and are scenes that are challenging as well.

Montana is absolutely remarkably different when compared to our lowcountry. Nevertheless, the landscape is remarkably beautiful with bubbling tortuous streams and rivers, large expanses of grasslands, mountains and bright skies. Arriving  here in pursuit of "catch and release"  "blue ribbon" trout and Artic Grayling fly fishing, I was enchanted by this raw and rough countryside. Autumn and winter come so early and a blizzard complicated this fishing adventure on September first when the SC lowcountry still boasts 90+ degree temperatures. The change, however, was welcome and the fishing tremendous. Barbless hooks are required in order to enhance the survival of all released fish. Rocks, mountains and turbulent rapids contrast with what is standard in our lowcountry.

This acrylic painting is 11 X 14" and weighs 8 oz