Tall Pines and Foggy Morning wetlands ACE Basin  24 X 36"

Tall Pines and Foggy Morning wetlands ACE Basin 24 X 36"

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Foggy mornings in the ACE basin are some of my favorite scenes, especially when tall pines are involved.  Pines are best as they allow so much light through allowing contrasted colors and light. Pines , Live oak , Magnolias, and Palmettos are the signature trees of our landscape and are what we expect to see when we view local landscapes. Fields of grass, inundated terrain, and local trees are what we expect down here in lowcountry landscapes. Duck hunters and fishermen are familiar with every permutation of these ingredients. Foggy atmosphere mutes the colors as well especially at sunrise and sunset. Water brings interesting contrasts that can be sharp and defining.

Most of these landscapes are gone with the developments near the city, so one must travel north or south to find unspoiled wetlands like this painting displays. The ACE Basin represents an area which much effort has been placed by people like Charles Lane and Dana Beach to permanently preserve these areas for us and future generations; hopefully, our descendants will be able to witness what was here and why early settlers fought so hard to endure harsh elements to live here and prosper here.

his is a 24 X 36" acrylic on stretched canvas and weighs 2 pounds and 9 oz