Sunsetting over Marsh at Adam's Creek 16 X 20 "

Sunsetting over Marsh at Adam's Creek 16 X 20 "

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For those who know Wadmalaw Island and the village of Rockville on the Bohicket Creek, this is a relatively common scene in the late afternoon. As one reaches the end of Maybank Highway , just before it terminates at the Bohicket, a sandy road will appear on your right that leads, eventually, to the Sea Island Yacht Club. This is not a private road but is usually used only by the "locals" of the village. Should one travel down this sandy road, one should pass several attractive lowcountry dwellings surrounded by old oaks and long strands of Spanish Moss. Sleepy and tranquil is this old town. Only during the days featuring the annual Rockville Regatta weekend on the fish weekend in August does a visitor see much activity. Follow the road until it turns abruptly left and heads on out to the Yacht Club itself. Stop at this abrupt turn an one looks out over Breakfast Creek towards Adams Creek and Johnny Maybank's Island which fronts the creek. Further in the background, the sun can frequently watch the sun drop over the North Edisto, The Dawhoo and the McKinley Washington Bridge which leads out to Edisto Island. 

Beautiful sunsets can be observed here, especially when the tide is high and in the grass.

This is a 16 X 20" acrylic on canvas and weighs 9 oz.