Sunset on the North Edisto at Botany Island   8 X 10"

Sunset on the North Edisto at Botany Island 8 X 10"

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This small painting is 8 X 10" acrylic on stretched canvas and weighs only 6 oz. This is the land side of Botany Island and as one looks to the setting sun in this painting, one is looking into the origins of two creeks which split just at the south corner of the island. Townsend's River goes left towards the ocean and then behind the sandy beach connecting Botany Island to Pockoy Island in front of Botany Bay Preserve on Edisto Island ; Ocella Creek ,winds back into the Point of Pines acreage. As the sun sets in late summer months, this side of Botany Island can get quite hot with the island shielding the southeast ocean breeze but getting a full dose of the blazing sun. This "backside", away from the ocean, has become very popular for locals and tourists with boats in the warmer months ;  clear ocean water and white beaches make for a  a calm, less turbulent wading and swimming area.