Sunset North Kiawah  8 X 10"

Sunset North Kiawah 8 X 10"

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If you follow this site, you will know much about the wild and unspoiled area at the northern tip of Kiawah Island. Most of this 12 mile island had areas like this northern most portion, but investors and developers have demolished these areas and created "gated communities" out of these fragile  maritime ecosystems. The indigenous animals were a threat to domesticated animal pets and naïve immigrants, so all the previous natural residents were exterminated or removed from this island for safety's sake. But here, some natural residents continue to survive. 

This area is still unspoiled and infrequently visited except along it's beach side that lines the Stono inlet. This sunset was unique with the colors displayed here. Trees were silhouetted against this bright yellow cloud and this transformed the grass colors. A small trickle of water remains since the last flood tide and it reflects the light.

This is a small acrylic painting at 8 X 10" and weighs only 6 oz