Sunset in the Stono  18 X 24"

Sunset in the Stono 18 X 24"

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Clouds! Yes, I do love clouds and how they bend and alter light. It is just so difficult to paint them however! These vapors are just intangible water droplets so dense that light is blocked, transfigured,  morphed?, and reflected. 

Well, this project was tackled with appropriate humility. This cloud did all of these things. It even let light come around it and distort what lay behind it. Leonardo probably was the first to recognize this and questioned how optics and light beams transform what the eye and visual cortex interpret. The sun was not to be denied, and broke underneath, to shine on this orange marshland and water landscape. Red Cedars dot the high ground. The background is the southside of the Stono  along John" Island .

 This is a 18 X 24 " acrylic and weighs close to one pound.