Sunset Folly Islands  8 X 10"

Sunset Folly Islands 8 X 10"

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Because of the navigational wisdom required to adventure up the Folly River from the Folly Public Landing, most should probably not attempt to investigate this area without help. As the Folly River runs behind Folly island, there really are no significant obstacles. Many docks line the river on the island side and large marshland areas with small creeks line the river to the port side. However, when one turns to the left with the river further along, that the trouble starts. The river becomes very shallow during this segment until passing a shell bank, and the river cuts to the starboard. Now, you are amongst the islands living behind Folly and this is worth the trouble. Sure, you can make this trip safely at HIGH tide but still you will miss a lot of what is important and lovely. Unexpected shallow areas are common here but the knowledge of these locations will be always helpful in future voyages.

 In the past, only experienced boatmen ventured back in here and Johnny Ohlandt ,Sr warned me years ago about this. Now, with depth finders and GPS devices,  one is less likely to get lost back here.

Long Island, not that structure off the "Big Apple", lives here and lives up to it's name, stretching itself from Pease Island off Folly Road, to almost reach Lighthouse Inlet. Recently , ownership was transferred to potential developers, which is worrisome. If so, hopefully, high priced lawyers will not be able to breakdown access obstacles to this wonderful wildlife preserve. Goat, Rat, and other such named Islands of this "archipelago" live here and have survived many hurricanes.

When the coastline was 50 miles off the coast , at the continental slope, during the last major glaciation, these islands shared no danger to the powerful effects of wind and tide. With, volcanic activity underneath the greatest reservoir of trapped water underneath the continent of Antarctica, things will change along our coast over the next hundred years.

 Well, back to the present and the Folly Islands. There are many unnamed hummocks and high areas with their own wildlife and Flora back here. These two very small islands see dawn and dusk each day and no one notices. I ,however, felt they needed recognition and painted this late afternoon scene with acrylic on stretched canvas frame. This is a small painting, 8 X 10" and weighs only 7 oz.