Sunrise on the North Santee  16 X 20"

Sunrise on the North Santee 16 X 20"

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Having to rise an hour and a half before sunrise in order to drive car, boat, and trailer from Charleston to the Poleyard Public Landing on the North Santee River to observe this dramatic sunrise is prohibitive for most, but to those who take the trouble, it is well worth it.

The remarkable transition of color from orange-pink to deep blue as the sun begins to announce its glorious entrance is delightful. This scene is looking east just on the "cut-through" to the Intracoastal waterway. There are no  boats travelling at this time of day going north or south. Trees silhouette against the bright sky and the water lets off steam as the cool air interfaces with the warmer water in the late Fall.

This is an oil painting on stretched canvas, is 16 X 20" and one pound 10 oz