Sunrise off James Island Connector  18 X 24"

Sunrise off James Island Connector 18 X 24"

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As early risers speed over the James Island Connector to remote and nearby destinations hurrying to work, the Charleston Harbor lights up as the sun rises over Sullivan's Island setting the sky on fire and making the summer marsh grass glow as the sun's rays cut right through their thin green leaves. Small areas of trapped salt water left by the outgoing tide reflect the bright sky. The muddy surface of the marsh is exposed here and there but the colors that reflect are blues and purples, unlike the dark brown colors of the mud in  the mid-day sun. Elaborate structures of clouds take on strange and beautiful colors as well. One wonders if these commuters even notice this remarkable scene as they rush to their dull fluorescent lit offices.

 This acrylic painting is 18 X 24" and weighs about one pound.