Sunrise near Dawhoo/ Adams Run  30 X 40"

Sunrise near Dawhoo/ Adams Run 30 X 40"

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South of Charleston, there are numerous destinations that a landscape explorer may search out including the expansive ACE (Ashepoo-Combahee-Edisto) wetland preserve whereupon tens of thousands of acres of  raw nature can be visited. Most areas are remote and require knowledge of the topography as well as access to reliable watercraft. However, many areas are easily accessed by motorcars on well established and maintained roadways such as the roads the cut through the dense lowcountry timberlands and watercourses surrounding Adam's Run in Charleston County. Access is easily obtained by heading south on Highway 17 south from Charleston, then exiting onto Highway 174 off to the left beyond the town of Ravenel, SC. 174 takes you, eventually, to  Adam's Run and Edisto Island and spans the Dawhoo River with a remarkable bridge honoring McKinley Washington.

Around the town of Adam's Run and on the way to Edisto Island, numerous beautiful landscapes can be easily reached by motorcar.

This 30" X40" oil painting is done by looking east at dawn over a wetland landscape where the foggy morning sky revealed numerous hues of red, pink, purple and orange mist amongst the pines and hardwoods naturally inhabiting this  mature coastal ecosystem. This painting is rather large and weighs about 6 pounds.