Sunrise looking south in the North Santee river  36" X 48"

Sunrise looking south in the North Santee river 36" X 48"

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For those who enjoy secluded SC lowcountry landscapes and have determination as well as appropriate means of access (reliable boat  equipped with an up to date GPS), this is the most outstanding location along with the Cape Romain estuary and Bulls Island bay area for interfacing the the raw elements of our remarkable wildlife sanctuary.

First civilized by French Huguenot refugees following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in the 1680's, this became the wealthiest region on the continent in the late 18th century because of the extensive cultivation of rice. Initially, populated by a dense cypress forest, once  tidal cultivation of rice, well established in west Africa, was introduced, the thousands of acres of cypress forest were cleared and reformatted with a labyrinth of dikes, canals, creeks , impoundments which were wholly devised and constructed to efficiently cultivate and harvest the finest rice crop in the world known as "Carolina Gold". Following the Civil War, the labor intensive cultivation dwindled and then disappeared following the devastation of the 1911 hurricane.

In the 1920's, descendants of northeastern  industrialists sought these properties as a hunting preserve, and lived like royalty, renovating declining plantation sites and employing "locals" to guide them through the puzzling array of watercourses and as hunting guides.

Today, if one has the aforementioned equipment, access is public at the "Poleyard" landing just northward to the North Santee River bridge. Fabulous water wetlands, both brackish and saline, as well as freshwater flora and fauna, can be accessed. My favorite scenes include the plethora of isolated, formerly inhabited, islands and their waterway approaches, especially at dawn and dusk. Bald eagles have become quite numerous since the devastation caused by hurricane Hugo in 1989.

This painting is large and done in acrylic as a 36" X 48" piece done at dawn in the North Santee looking southwest, away from the rising sun. Depicted is a clump of pines inhabiting a small island amongst an ocean of wetlands which were former ricefields. It is approximately 5 pounds.