Sunrise at Fenwick Island  30 X 40"

Sunrise at Fenwick Island 30 X 40"

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Fenwick Island, located in Colleton County South Carolina, has a rich heritage. Designated as 2 separate islands, North Island and South Island, they originally were successful cotton and indigo agricultural farmlands before the Civil War. Following the war, the area became virtually useless and unproductive. South Carolina was impoverished in the years following the war and the islands were only visited occasionally by local fishermen.

In the early 20th century, the intracoastal waterway , which stretches from Maine to Texas, was constructed and a "cut-through" was carved from the South Edisto to the Ashepoo which then drains into St Helena sound; then it extends across the sound to link up with the rest of the waterway heading south.

Private landowners partitioned the most seaward island which some have labelled "Seabrook". On the  side to the west of the waterway,, the island is split between private lands and the recently acquired 400 acre parcel now controlled by the SCDNR as a wildlife preserve. The transfer of control from the Nature Conservancy occurred in 2017.

The South Island, which is the "landward" portion is uninhabited and accessible only by boat with no facilities. Wild and beautiful, the island is home to numerous species of mammals, birds, and reptiles. The tall pines are nicely spaced and appear as tall rows of trees making a wonderful panorama of raw lowcountry wetland scenery. Photographers and local artists have brought this beautiful island into the lowcountry landscape "headlines" with occasional artwork of the island displayed in local galleries. I, personally, have taken multiple various scenes from these sea islands with variable seasons, tides and degrees of daylight. Especially attractive are foggy mornings, Autumn scenes, sunrise and sunset pieces.

This 30" X 40" oil painting is about 6 pounds in weight and was done on a foggy sunrise morning.