Sun Setting over Mosquito Creek #2  36 X 24"

Sun Setting over Mosquito Creek #2 36 X 24"

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Mosquito Creek  cuts off the main trunk of the South Edisto river just as the river veers towards the Dawhoo River to take-in the "Dawhoo cut ". This "cut" was made to further the Intracoastal Waterway on its path, North and South. 

I am not sure why ithis creek is labelled for the mosquito because those troubling biting insects are everywhere in this region throughout the warmer months of the year.

This is a large painting looking west as the sunsets over this palmetto dominated landscape. Ibis and other shorebirds cross the colorfully lit up sky flying to the safety of their night perches. The dark water noiselessly moves along the bank, reflecting the glorious sky colors.

This painting is acrylic and is 36 X 24" and weighs 2 pounds and 2 oz