Striped Mullet on Board  23.5 X 7.5 "

Striped Mullet on Board 23.5 X 7.5 "

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Everyone who has been to the water in the lowcountry has seen this fish, whether they know it or not. This fish is everywhere in our estuaries and salt ponds, either schooling just beneath the water's surface or jumping repeatedly out of the water. These fish range is size from "fingerling" size to large "Bull Mullet" size. Well known as a baitfish to fishermen, it can also give a great amount of action as a gamefish when caught on ultralight spinning tackle using doughballs for bait.

Striped Mullet are only differentiated from Silver Mullet" by its stripes. Fished live, whole, or in cut pieces, this fish is wonderful bait. Almost all gamefish , Dolphins (Porpoises) , and shorebirds make this fish a meal.

Hard to find in numbers in the early spring, many fishermen freeze their fall mullet so as to have bait to fish the early spring run of Channel Bass. In the late summer and Fall, Tarpon appear plentiful to take advantage of the schools of large mature mullet as they prepare to migrate south each year to Florida. All along its path south, gamefish gorge on the huge schools of mullet .

Some locals find this fish a delicacy and many bestow great qualities to this fish when cooked appropriately. Some prefer to "smoke-cure" this fish and serve it with hominy ("Grits") as a breakfast treat. 

This is an acrylic painting on a thick board, weighing 4.6 pounds. Its size is 23.5 X 7.5"