Storm over Black (Block) Island  18 X 24"

Storm over Black (Block) Island 18 X 24"

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Only a few know anything about Block ( "Black Island"). Nestled behind the south end of Morris Island with access to Lighthouse Creek, this Island has been property of the Ohlandt Family for decades. This sea island lies slightly cocked, rather than running parallel to the coast and like many islands up and down coastal South Carolina, has a three toed appearance pointing oceanward. Remarkably, if one runs the coast here on Google Maps, satellite views reveal this as a pattern. Eastward dune formation probably accounts for the bird feet appearance. 

This Island has a lot of history and was important in and after the Battle of Morris Island in 1863. The "Swamp Angel", a large Union Cannon, had the potential to hurl a cannonball 4 and one half miles into the defenseless city of Charleston. Thankfully, it was so powerful that it exploded and killed many of its artillery crew. Unfortunately, other cannon were brought, and the bombardment continued on the city 24 hours and day for a year! The city's population had to move back up the peninsula to above Bull Street and fire brigades rushed all hours of the day and night to put out fires that incendiary bombs caused upon explosion. It is a wonder that anything below Bull Street exists today.

Returning to Black/Block Island, this island is difficult to reach from Lighthouse Inlet because of obstacles intentionally placed by the owners. Sticks and pilings were placed to keep unknowledgeable intruders from entering the small creek access to the island. The island and its management is a testimony to the degree that this family has invested in this pretty island.  The amount of work that has been invested in maintaining this island and battling the forces of nature shows what love for one's "piece of turf" can do with hard working selfless individuals like these Ohlandts.

 Back to the painting at hand. A summer storm came up after I had maneuvered through the sometimes treacherous bar off Lighthouse Inlet. I sought sanctuary in the river, but was awed by the ferocity of this squall. The dark clouds came in like "Dementors" as in Harry Potter novels. Nevertheless, I saw beauty in this "rage of nature". The storm struck with a vengeance!  I decided to document as best I could.

This is an oil on stretched canvas and is 18 X 24". weighs one pound.