Storm Clearing near Botany  12 X 16"

Storm Clearing near Botany 12 X 16"

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As one approaches Botany Island on the south side of  the North Edisto Inlet , one can cruise on behind the island and pass a dock or two as well as a house  on a bluff right on the water. The creek forks here and the left branch, Townsend's River, runs along the bluff as it continues toward the ocean on the south side of the Island. The right branch is Ocella Creek. Up high, in a tall sturdy pine on Botany island adjacent to Townsend"s River, a huge eagles nest has been home to a pair of Bald Eagles for years.

If you continue up this left branch, called Townsend's River, you will be running just behind the long beach head running between Botany Island and Botany Bay Preserve on Edisto Island. There are a few small islands in the marsh behind the beach and this is where this painting is derived. A summer storm came off the ocean, then clear sky followed. 

Incidentally, there was direct access to the beach with an inlet a few decades ago off of Townsend"s River and remnants of that inlet are still cut into the terrain; this can still be recognized on Google Earth satellite views. My parents would pull up behind a large dune here, anchor, and walk over to fish in that small inlet for Channel Bass in the surf. By the time I returned to Charleston, this inlet had  closed and so had the wonderful fishing there.

This is an acrylic on stretched canvas and is 12 X 16"; weighs 10 oz