Stono Islands near Limehouse Bridge  20 X 16"

Stono Islands near Limehouse Bridge 20 X 16"

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As one cuts through the Elliott's cut from the Wappoo, then curves right, one is heading towards the Limehouse Bridge that carries traffic to and from John's Island. Motoring upstream, away from Penny's Creek, on the left are the islands next to John's Island. Further on, you reach two island clumps on the right which is the West Ashley side. This is where this island subject is located .Red Cedars predominate. There is a sandy bank with shell out front and marsh between these two islands in this clump.

That afternoon, the boat traffic was minimal, which is unusual these days, and the water reflected the sky and dark trees with gently rounded waves making for the shore.

This is a 20 X 16" painting that is mostly of oil with some touches of acrylic. It weighs 1.4 pounds