Stono Islands  12 X 16"

Stono Islands 12 X 16"

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As one travels downstream  towards the ocean in the Stono River, one passes many small islands right and left from Penny's creek all the way to Kiawah and Bird Key. After passing the Sol Legare landing and the cluster of islands nearby, one comes up to Snake Island on your left, then the Kiawah River is on your right. Just past the Kiawah River is this island of tall pines with an inlet to a creek in the foreground. Smaller trees line the marsh and reflect the blue sky. If one, instead, turns into the Kiawah river, many other islands with red cedars can be seen from the river and one island has very tall pines and Palmettos.

This is a 12 X 16 oil painting and weighs about 10 oz