Still Life with Oranges and Airy Hall Painting in Background 30 X 40"

Still Life with Oranges and Airy Hall Painting in Background 30 X 40"

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Mickey Williams is a local artist who has been extremely successful at displaying the qualities of our low country so well.  Many of the local art collectors and galleries have been able to purchase and display some of his fine paintings over the last 15-20 years. 

He painted one subject that was titled "Airy Hall" and is hanging on one of my walls at my residence.  Beneath the painting hanging on the wall that morning, was a chest with a bowl full of oranges that glowed bright orange when the Sunshine came through the window.  With the painting behind it, it made a very nice still life and especially with Mickey Williams'  painting included in the background.  It was one of my earliest still life subjects . 

Doing still life is challenging because of the difficulty arranging the objects in such a manner to complement each other without interfering with the overall subject matter.  I have never witnessed a still life with a notable painting , such as "Airy Hall" ,as part of the still life objects; especially as a background.  The colors came out well and the painting closely resembles the original done by Mickey  years ago.


This is an oil painting and is 30" x 40" in size weighing approximately 6 pounds.