Stalking Bass on the flats Bohicket  18 X 24"

Stalking Bass on the flats Bohicket 18 X 24"

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A causeway connects the Sea Island Yacht Club road to Johnny Maybank's island which sits between the Bohicket and Adams Creek. When king tides come up into the grass, Channel Bass come out of the creeks and into the marsh where a rich and bountiful diet can be reached with ease. Fishermen know that these fish move in and can spot these fish as they put their snout down into the mud and allow their tails to break the water. Also, if one watches closely, an observer can see the fish's body bending the marsh grass as they swim through the shallow water.

This afternoon, I caught a veteran fisherman stalking his prey with his spinning rod, focused on a Channel Bass swimming right at him. The afternoon was marvelously beautiful with a weird C -shaped cloud of many colors in the background and reflecting off the glass-like water.

This is an 18 X 24' acrylic and weighs just over one pound.