South End Morris Island  18 X 24"

South End Morris Island 18 X 24"

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Morris Island is best known generally for its historic lighthouse which leans slightly reminding observers of Pisano's  14th century leaning campanile in Tuscany. Fishermen know it best for its fine surf fishing. Others recall its abundant shark population, however, nobody has been attacked by sharks here, with the exception of its north most point , for approximately 100 years.. Gullies or Slews are frequently left at low tide, frequently full of "fingerling" mullet and Tiger Minnows. Sea oats wave in the generous summer and fall ocean breezes with their golden seed pods.

This painting is done in Fall and is an afternoon scene . It is derived at the south end of the beach, near the Lighthouse inlet and the lighthouse itself is just out of the picture off to the right.

This painting is 18 X 24" and weighs one pound and a quarter