South Edisto with Clouds  30 X 40"

South Edisto with Clouds 30 X 40"

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Tall grass sways with the breeze along the freshwater regions of the South Edisto as it passes down past Willtown Bluff and Bear Island Preserve. The grass reaches its highest mid to late summer and then blooms making a colorful border to the wide river. The river can be surprisingly shallow at times, even out in the middle of the river, making navigation difficult, even with an accurate depth finder. Unusual clouds accumulate frequently over this area as shown in this large Acrylic painting. Humidity levels and swarms of biting insects can detract from the experience, however. Shorebirds, ducks, and songbirds are plentiful, but so are monster alligators.

This 30 X 40" acrylic weighs about 6 pounds