Small Island on South Edisto Low Tide  9 X 12"

Small Island on South Edisto Low Tide 9 X 12"

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This small island really is a hummock on the edge of a river. Erosion is present causing trees to die and fall on to the bank. This island is in the South Edisto and lives just upstream from Raccoon Island.

Like most coastal islands, palmettos, red cedars, and scrub oaks are salt tolerant and therefore fill the niche that these slight elevations provide. As water encroaches on these banks ,as in this case where a bend in the river scours the riverbank, it is inevitable that erosion should sculpt the bank and alter the marsh. Palmettos have a small root ball and although they tolerate high wind velocities well, such as our frequent hurricanes, they do not enjoy the erosion of their root ball.

This is a small acrylic painting and is 9 X 12". Weighs only 10 oz