Sisters Fenwick Island Yellow Sunset  30 X 40"

Sisters Fenwick Island Yellow Sunset 30 X 40"

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Fenwick Island , just south of the bend in the South Edisto River that allows the entry of the "Dawhoo Cut" , is a much loved site for adventurers and wildlife; this island has taken up a generous portion of this on-line gallery site. It is best known for it palisading tall pines ,but also on the island, these tall "sister" pines stand together by themselves. Tall with sparse growth atop , they reach high in the sky and therefore  allows them to be contrasted against colorful skies just as they did this late afternoon in the fall. The grass has turned color and the perimeter road cuts through to the far lower right. Why the put out such little foliage is unknown to me and must be answered by an arborist or forester.

This painting is acrylic, is 30 X 40 ", and weighs 5 pounds.