Shrimp Trawler near Deveaux  30 X 40"

Shrimp Trawler near Deveaux 30 X 40"

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Once a common sight on the Carolina coast, Shrimp Trawlers are seen much less frequently as the cost of business has outgrown prices. The work is tedious, hours are harsh, and pay is poor for most. Once a relatively lucrative trade, trawlers were omnipresent during the shrimping season and birds chased them all along the coast to pickup stray fish tossed over after a haul. Porpoises commonly follow the nets in search of fleeing fish that were able to avoid being trapped.

This trawler makes Rockville its home, most likely up the Bohicket or on Adam's Creek . Shrimp can be bought fresh off the trawlers at the wharves. A large cloud in the backdrop is having a difficult time "holding it's water".

This is a 30 X 40" acrylic weighing approximately 5 pounds.