Sheepshead  24 X 11.5" (wood)

Sheepshead 24 X 11.5" (wood)

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This fish is well known and highly respected by experienced local fishermen. The Sheepshead is a beautiful and tasty fish that feeds on shellfish around dock and rock structures. "Chinaback" fiddlers are their favorite food but shrimp and sponges that attach to floating docks and other man-made structures are in this fish's diet. Not uncommonly, these fish can be seen feeding on barnacles on marsh grass and on pilings. It never ceases to amaze me how delicately these fish can rob you of your bait. Known to be strong fighters by using their sides to fight, the action, after the fish is hooked, provides great sport. The real bonus is after this cooked fish is on your plate along side hominy ("grits"), boiled shrimp and locally grown vine ripened sliced tomatos.

This is an acrylic painted on pine board. This board weighs 3.25 pounds and is 24 X 11.5"