Salt Pond Dog Island Kiawah  8 X 10"

Salt Pond Dog Island Kiawah 8 X 10"

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A salt pond has been painted previously and is in this gallery, but is neaby this pond and painted during a different season. The grass during this season varies from yellow, to tan and brown, to a pinkish hue. The yellow grass, I believe, is most striking and beautiful.

 The salt water is replenished on rare "flood tides" when creek water from the Stono Inlet leaves the creeks, advancing into the marsh , bringing with it all sorts of creek inhabitants such as hermit crabs, shrimp, blue crabs, minnows, and opportunistic prowling Channel Bass. Some water creatures stay as salt pond residents and may return to the creek on the next "flood tide".

This is a small 8 X 10 acrylic painting and weighs only 6 oz