Rio Frio Costa Rica sunset  15 X 30"  (framed)

Rio Frio Costa Rica sunset 15 X 30" (framed)

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In the Northern most region of Costa Rica ,there is a river called the Rio Frio which winds northward up into Nicaragua prior to emptying into the Caribbean.  The landscape is beautiful ,reminding one of an African landscape with lots of grassland and African oil Palms. 

The Rio Frio is a beautiful River that is East of the Mountain chain that separates Western Costa Rica which borders on the Pacific Ocean from Eastern Costa Rica which borders on the Gulf of Mexico.  The regions in Costa Rica change considerably because of this Mountain chain with a very dry Western region.  The flora of this region is remarkable. 

While touring there a few years ago and searching for Tarpon in the Rio Frio, I decided to photograph this site and painted it following my return.  These rivers are full of reptiles and fish and the landscape was full of beautiful birds and plants of all types.  This scene was done at Sunset with the sun setting behind the Mountain range.  The blue building is a bar that serves alcoholic beverages. 

During the wet season, the water level is high and reaches right up to the foot of that building allowing clients to enter right off of their boats.  We visited Costa Rica during the dry season which makes travel much easier around the country side which usually requires an "all wheel drive vehicle". Many people who have observed this painting think the subject if from John's Island or Wadmalaw..

After the Civil War, many confederate families emigrated here to avoid persecution from the northern invaders who abused the south during "Reconstruction". Corruption, theft, rape, and murder was common in the south under martial law levied by the vengeful north from 1867-1877.


This painting is framed and done in the oil.  The size is 15" x 30" .Because of the frame, the painting is significantly heavier; however,

the frame fits the painting well and was done by professional framing company.  It is included in the price.