Rice Fields of the Ashepoo on Bennet's Point Road  12 X 16 "

Rice Fields of the Ashepoo on Bennet's Point Road 12 X 16 "

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This is a scene one will encounter should one take a trip down Bennet's point road. By travelling south on highway 17, and after crossing the South Edisto at Jacksonboro, if one continues south the Ashepoo will be encountered. Cross this bridge and soon turn left onto Bennet's Point Road. Continuing on Bennet's Road,  visitors will pass Means (not marked), then Lavington (also not marked) on the left, and soon the Ashepoo River will turn right and cross the road. Look left and this will be your scene. Black water moves up and down because of tidal influences; however, the water is fresh, not salt. In the Autumn,  the grass turns yellow-orange. The trees are pines and their bark looks almost pink when sunlight reaches it. When pines die and lose their bark, the trunks look white or light grey in color. The water always moves slowly here, either upriver when the tide is rising, or towards Bennet's point as the tide ebbs.

 Lots of color and dark water. The rice fields are long gone since the Civil War upended this agrarian economy and disrupted the well organized, knowledgeable, experienced workforce. 

 This painting is an acrylic, is 12 X 16" and weighs only 10 oz