Privateer At Seabrook Afternoon  18 X 24"

Privateer At Seabrook Afternoon 18 X 24"

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Privateer Creek  is a creek just inside the North Edisto Inlet on its north side and is shielded from view by a peninsula on sand stretching down from Camp St Christopher on Seabrook Island which is covered with Live Oak, Scrub Oak, Pines, and Palmettos.

Pirates' ships could hide in this creek until it was "too late" for potential victims who were unaware of the tall ship awaiting its prey like a hidden spider.

With the passing of tall sailing ships and pirates, locals began to seek refuge at this creek for its steady southeast summer breeze and refreshing clean ocean waters. Porpoises/ Bottle nose Dolphins (mammals) love to swim and feed here, frequently "herding" mullet and other baitfish into the shallows at this point, making "easy prey" for the numerous Osprey that take advantage of the situation.

At spots the vegetation is thin on this stretched out peninsula , and the sky can peek through the vegetation . On cloudy late afternoons, the sun can light up these clouds and "paint a pretty picture" for those lucky enough to be walking or boating nearby. Most all the various inhabitants of the sea island maritime forest make this peninsula home. Rarely, back in the day, a panther might be caught prowling the beach here. However, with all the tourists and recent residents o this once remote and wild island, panthers and all the other long time residents of this island are "long gone".

 This is a oil and acrylic painting and is 18 X 24" and weighs 1.12 pounds