Pink Sunset North Edisto  8 X 10"

Pink Sunset North Edisto 8 X 10"

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Clouds and pink skies love to associate at dawn throughout the lowcountry. As the sun rises, at dawn, or sinks, as in the evening, these colors join to enhance the beauty of our landscape. Unfortunately, however, it is hard to tell when they will join forces to dance side by side, and then  dance the prettiest for so short a time. Many a time I have gotten there late, only to be told, "you should have been here 5 minutes ago!" " You really missed the best part!"

 This scene taken in the North Edisto Inlet is actually not that uncommon and those at Privateer Creek, Rockville, and Botany Island can witness this scene from time to time.

This oil and acrylic is 8 X 10" and weighs 6 oz