Pink Sky and Tall Pines ACE Basin  18 X 24"

Pink Sky and Tall Pines ACE Basin 18 X 24"

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Pink sky is pretty common at dawn in the lowcountry and occasionally shows in the evening. The pink reflects off of everything, creating remarkable changes in the trees, grass, and water. Details may be more difficult to define, but details can also be distracting. Pines love to silhouette themselves against this color and throw their long limbs our to display their elegant appendages. Ripples on the water, made by the tide, an alligator, duck, or fish really standout out, especially when the wind has died down to nothing. Sounds travel best then and songbirds sing so clearly early.

This scene taken in the ACE basin can be duplicated up and down the coastal estuaries. The problem for most is the early rise time and the requirement of a pitch black launch.

This is an acrylic painting 18 X24" on stretched canvas.