Pink Dawn over North Santee  24 X 36"

Pink Dawn over North Santee 24 X 36"

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The colors of skies at dawn and dusk are, to me, most beautiful. The nearest challenger of landscape subjects may be that of a stormy sky. Mickey Williams , a highly acclaimed local artist, is a master of both . When foggy mornings or evenings occur , the scenes become even more enchanting. Where rivers cut through the landscape, as they do so often here, a complex interplay of colors catches the eye. This is frequently the case up on the Santee rivers.

This early morning scene requires the artist to rise very early in the morning, especially during the long daytime cycle that summer brings, hitch up his boat and trailer to his vehicle, and drive an hour in the dark to the "Poleyard Public Landing". He , then, must launch his boat, in absolute darkness, and travel downstream through  the former ricefields on the way;  the inlet  is about 8 miles downriver. Therefore, not many painters capture the sunrise over the Santee rivers.

Duck hunters are abundant in the Duck Hunting Seasons and are well aware of the dawn here. I doubt that many duck hunters paint however.

 This is a long painting in an attempt to capture the vista of the river and the pink sky. It is a 24 X 36" painting done with a base layer of oil and an overlay of acrylic. It weighs 2 .12 pounds.