Pines at Snake Island; Stono River  12 X 16 "

Pines at Snake Island; Stono River 12 X 16 "

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Snake Island sits near the mouth of the Stono, just next to Cole's Island which sits just landward of Bird Key. Snake and Cole's were one island until a small creek separated them many years back. Bird Key lies between south Folly and north Kiawah. Snake Island sits just across the Stono from the origin of the Kiawah River.

The landward end of Snake points back up the river towards Sol Legare Landing and tapers to a narrow point on this end. These pines live here. Commonly, beautiful sunrises shoot through these branches and on cloudy days like this one, these trees make a fine composition. Rarely is the water as calm as this since the ocean is nearby and the busy boat traffic is constant. 

This painting is acrylic , is 12 X16" and weighs 10 oz