Palmettos on beach North Morris Island  16 X 20 "

Palmettos on beach North Morris Island 16 X 20 "

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As previously noted on this on-line gallery, Morris Island, which in its former pre-1886 days proudly protected the harbor entrance as a large tree studded vast sandy maritime forest. Following the construction of the jetties at the inlet entrance, erosion was aggressive as sand moving traditionally and naturally north to south, was washed out into the ocean, keeping the channel deep and useful to the port. The US Navy subsequently saw this port as a very fine site for a large US Naval Base in 1899, and became  a huge asset  to the devastated post war economy for our area.

Morris Island was therefore sacrificed and bled continuously year after year, unable to replenish the sand that continued to move south. The Island shrunk horrifically and became ,not surprisingly, anemic and a shadow of its former self. Dynamiting the south jetty did little to "stem the tide" of erosion. Therefore, proud palmettos continue to find the ocean advancing steadily ; they eventually succumb, falling on the beach and, eventually, to be dragged away by the tide. One must remember that Sabal Palmettos may take 25 years to establish a significant trunk. Many of these trees are 75-100 years old that finally meet their demise as the ocean consumes them.

 This painting is taken from the north end of the island where the south jetty makes its origin. These trees are now proudly fending off the natural elements as they continually advance into the forest of Palmettos.

 This is a oil painting enhanced by acrylic and is  16 X 12" and weighs 11 oz