Palmetto Islands ACE Basin  16 X 20"

Palmetto Islands ACE Basin 16 X 20"

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Most sea islands have a certain collection of trees and shrubs which are characteristic here such as the pines, palmettos, the yaupon holly, the red bay, magnolias, and scrub oaks. Some are inhabited by red cedar and if fresh water predominates, cypress. Tolerance to salt water is a requirement for those islands near the ocean. Once established, a certain tree species may predominate, especially the palmettos since upon maturity, the seed excessively from multiple stalks called inflorescence when in bloom. Birds and rodents love these seeds and distribute them everywhere. Palmettos take a very long time to mature requiring ~ 25 years to form a trunk. Therefore, although abundant as seedlings, many other local species will rapidly outgrow this tree and diminish it's importance in the landscape. At times , however, palmettos do predominate because of their tolerance to salt spray and wind. They do not tolerate erosion since their root ball is so shallow as many observers have noted on our sea islands like Hunting Island and Pockoy Island.

In this scene in the broad marshlands near the interface of the Ashepoo and Combahee river estuarine interface, palmettos rule above the shrubs like the wax myrtle.

 This is an acrylic 16 X 20" painting on canvas.