Orange Sunset over Middle Ground Santee Delta  48 X 36

Orange Sunset over Middle Ground Santee Delta 48 X 36

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Yes, the Santee Delta is wild and beautiful, but these sunrises and sunsets are what We in the Lowcountry admire most! This sunset over the "Middle Ground" ,that sits between the South Santee and it's northern brother, touches our deepest aesthetic core. How many lowcountry residents of the Santee Delta have stopped to take in this remarkable site. Planters and slaves whose life was dedicated to the cultivation of rice, since the late 17th  and early 18th century, witnessed this scene as the sun began its nocturnal slumber. Surely, the French Huguenot refugees must have thought they had reached he "Promised Land" as they fled the religious purge created by "The Sun King" , Louis XIV as he revoked the "Edict of Nantes" thereby allowing the rape, murder, and pillage of all that these devout Christian protestants knew from their homeland in the late 17th century. They arrived at the " New World" as refugees, and happened to enter the Santee River, more by chance than any other plan. The Santee Delta was wide and wild, swampy and filled with cypress labyrinths. As time passed, these Huguenots became very successful as rice was found to be well adapted to tidal flooding of fresh water and rich soils. Although ancient enemies of the English and treated as such initially, they became powerful and respected for their industry and wisdom.

Many generations enjoyed this beautiful wetland area and many were born here only to live and die here. These scenes were witnessed by generations! Fortunately, we still can visit this raw wetland area and "take in " such sites as these, even today>

 This scene is taken while in the North Santee, looking across the "Middle Ground" towards the South Santee. This was painted in acrylic on stretched canvas.