Old Dock on Kiawah River with Herons  36 X 48 "

Old Dock on Kiawah River with Herons 36 X 48 "

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As one heads towards the Stono Inlet passing the Sol Legare Public boat landing, a bend in the river curves counterclockwise just as one approaches Snake Island on your left. Look to your right here and you will be looking down the Kiawah River.

As your boat moves down this wide river, Kiawah Island will be off to the left and John's Island off to the right,

Years ago, this old dock and its causeway caught my eye with these herons vigilantly watching for signs of passing food. The clouds were pressing down but were mostly fair weather cumulus in shape. The wind slowed as it reached the dock and the water surface was glassy and reflected the dock's structure. Soft rolling waves were rolling to shore. Unfortunately, one of our recent hurricanes, maybe Hurricane Matthew, destroyed this old dock which no longer stands into the river.

On top of the dock are 4 Green Herons. The heron farthest from the front is a "boy bird " who's in "time out" ;nevertheless, quietly, he took a step forward that did not go unnoticed by the "front row". Immeadiately, one of the hens quickly turned around to give warning brow beating look to admonish the ostracized troublemaker . 

This large oil is 36 X 48" and weighs about 5 pounds.