North Kiawah Sandy Savannah  16 X 20"

North Kiawah Sandy Savannah 16 X 20"

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Along with tall grass, red cedar, wax myrtles, palmettos and salt ponds, bare areas of sand and Saltwort are seen on this remote north Kiawah preserve. This scene, with the backdrop of Stono Inlet and large Wax Myrtles, was a common sight in the pre-developed Kiawah and Seabrook Islands. Paths cut by frequent passage of local inhabitants such as Raccoons and White-tailed Deer are abundant in these grass and sand areas. These sandy areas generally are so salty that even Saltwort has difficulty surviving. King tides flood these areas infrequently and evaporation leaves salt crystals making survival of even the most tolerant salt enduring vegetation difficult. If the season is rainy, then the salt content is reduced and plants cautiously move in, only to be thwarted by dry periods and high salinity to intolerable levels. 

 This oil and acrylic enhanced painting is 16 X 20" and weighs 14 oz