North Kiawah Salt Ponds  8 X 10"

North Kiawah Salt Ponds 8 X 10"

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In the remote north end of Kiawah there exists an unmolested part of Kiawah some call Dog Island. This region rings clear in the memory of those who knew Kiawah prior to the arrival of the developers. Quiet and tranquil, this area is wild and natural. Natural terrain exists where elsewhere on the island, irrigated sodded lawns now dominate the landscape. So far, no houses are planned for this nearly extinct portion of what was a vast, beautiful sea island.

With the developer's  neglect , many of the things once commonly seen on this island still exist. Grass, palmettos, scrub oak, and red cedar sprout up wherever they want  rather than where a landscape company has made planned arrangements.

So do "salt ponds". These ponds are occasionally replenished by King Tides that inundate the grasslands on occasion and leave them replenished with fresh salt water, new tiny fish species, and other less remarkable  zoological wonders. They are , thankfully , difficult to locate as they are hidden in tall grass. Pleasant surprises outweigh ,by far, planned events, so these natural wonders with their "unremarkable" inhabitants are a thrill. What unique life defining niches are here to exploit? Well, beyond all that, they make for very pleasant scenery for some painters and occasional photographers.

The  bright yellow tall grass that runs right up to the edge of this small watery body, allows contrasts that can be very pleasing to the eye. Once again, direct light contrasted against reflective light draws the eye.

 This is a 8 X 10" small oil and acrylic painting that weighs about 5 oz