North Kiawah end Late Afternoon  16 X 20

North Kiawah end Late Afternoon 16 X 20

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As one veers off the Stono river on its south side as one approaches the north end of Kiawah, you will find a small creek and a sandy peninsula . This small sandy crek winds into Kiawah and is surrounded by marsh grass dotted with red cedars. As the creek curves counter- clockwise, the creek brushes an eroding bankhead of high land with oaks. These oaks are suffering from the erosion and are withering after long years of continued growth in spite of the harsh elements that they have weathered over the years. 

Continuing on, the highland gives way to marsh again. As one continues, flats with a short species of Spartina rises to the right side allowing one to climb out and walk back to a fine stand of pines and hardwoods. These trees face in a way that the afternoon sun catches some of the long branches while leaving the shorter branches in the shade. This makes for a chaotic display of yellow-orange branches surrounded by bluish hues. Direct light on long branches interplay with reflective light on those that are shorter. As fall advances, these contrasts become more marked but more brief. This is a transient phenomena but exists frequently in nature. However, most take little notice, unfortunately. Development continues to encroach on these areas of Kiawah since purchased and developed since the mid-nineteen seventies. Hopefully, lust for revenue will not destroy what little is left of this once vast and beautiful sea island.

 This painting is done with oil on stretched canvas frame, is 16 X 20" and weighs about 1 .25 pounds.