North Kiawah and Stono   16 X 20"

North Kiawah and Stono 16 X 20"

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Just before the Stono leaves the inlet into the Atlantic, it passes Snake Island, Cole's Island ,then Bass Creek on the south side before engaging the North Kiawah region named Dog Island by some locals. A beautiful straight beach lines the south side of the inlet which belongs to North Kiawah. Just downstream from Bass Creek , a small creek enters the island pushing past a sandy peninsula and into the marsh and trees that live here, eventually winding along into the marshes adjacent to the prized Ocean Course where wealthy golfers make business deals and take in the ocean breeze.

This small creek changes frequently and at times is difficult to enter except at high tide due to "silting in" with beach sand. This peninsula of sand at the creek's origin off the Stono is a favorite destination for family and friends throughout the hot summer months with boats anchored  up all down the beach. 

The pastel color is cool and tranquil and the creek water glides in and out with the tidal cycles. Many photographers and painters use this area or their favorite subject area for good reason

This oil painting is 16 X 20" and weighs 12 oz.