Marshlands at Ashepoo near Bear Island  8 X 10"

Marshlands at Ashepoo near Bear Island 8 X 10"

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As one travels down Highway 17 south from Charleston and passes the turnoff to Edisto Island (174), one will begin to cross into the ACE basin and its three main rivers. At Jacksonboro, you cross the South Edisto which begins up near Orangeburg and empties into St Helena Sound. Further south, one will cross over the Ashepoo Bridge before turning left onto Bennet's Point Road. Thereafter, the Ashepoo, though you cannot see it, is off to your left and Means and Lavington Plantations border on the river.

As you drive towards Bennett's Point and before you reach Airy Hall, a driver will encounter the river again as it heads from left to right and one must cross the river by bridge. Once past the bridge, where a good view of the river is allowed, the road is flanked on either side by expanses of grassy /marshy wetlands and the river winds far from the road. That location is the setting for this small oil painting and the season is late fall when the grass has changed from green to tan, brown almost silvery white, yellow and sometimes light pink. Distant maritime forests, now with cypress, are surrounded by predominantly fresh water here but the salt begins to be added further down the river. The tide rises and falls all the way up to the Highway 17 bridge, but the fresh water is just backed up by the incoming salt water tide.

 This is a small oil 8 X 10" and is applied to stretched canvas. Weighs 6 oz