Lone Pine and Palmettos on Fenwick Island  24 X 18 "

Lone Pine and Palmettos on Fenwick Island 24 X 18 "

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Once again, Fenwick Island is the subject. Pines and Palmettos share these grassland all over this island. At times , these trees stand alone and at times they prefer clumps. 

It took me much too long to acknowledge the fact that our sky is not always blue. Same goes for our clouds. Many people would tell you that ,of course, clouds are white but actually, they rarely are. Beginners will slap a blob of white on the canvas to depict a cloud in the sky in their paintings, but it never looks right. Clouds are just massive accumulations of tiny water droplets of course and therefore have no color of their own. Clouds, therefore, reduce light and/or reflect it. In the meantime, the water particle break light down and separates its components as can be beautifully displayed by rainbows. True, direct light turns the cloud white. The cloud, however, is not two dimensional but three dimensional. Non-direct light reflects light from many other sources and therefore has many different hues. Much of the light coming from a cloud is reflected light from the adjacent ground, vegetation, and water. I love clouds and spend a lot of time observing them as well as attempting to paint them; they are very difficult to illustrate.

his is a 24 X 18 " acrylic on canvas.