Late Afternoon Storm Clearing with Pines  9 X 12 "

Late Afternoon Storm Clearing with Pines 9 X 12 "

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Although I love our Live Oaks and Magnolias, my favorite trees to paint are the pines and palmettos. Pines and Palmettos allow abundant light through giving these trees definite form and structure. Both trees tend to discard their lower branches as they age and the pine tends to stretch out its lower branches ,making a curve upwards and outwards, lifting its terminal needle-like foliage out as if offering a hand to the sky.

Frequently, pines stand alone, especially in grassy fields allowing an observer to take in it's beauty unclustered by the trees about them.

Here, such a grassy field is shown as a late cloudy day gives way to a clearing western sky with bright orange clouds lit up by the falling sun. The brownish tall grass takes up the orange and seems to glow down in the shadows.

This is a small painting at 9 X 12' and is done with acrylic on stretched canvas. weighs 7 oz.