Late Afternoon Pines at Botany Island 8 X 10"

Late Afternoon Pines at Botany Island 8 X 10"

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For those unfamiliar with the coastal lowcountry geography, Botany Island sits just south of the North Edisto Inlet and looks across at Camp St. Christopher. St Christopher looks south to  Deveaux Bank and Botany Island from the southern end of  Seabrook Island. Seabrook was initially called Simmons Island before the name was changed many years ago.

When I was a teenager decades ago, this island was eroding at a great pace and fallen trees lined the ocean side making a "bone yard' of fallen timbers and branches. These fallen trees made for great fishing back then , especially for Black Drum and Channel Bass.

Today, much of the beach has been reclaimed by nature and is a popular place for beachcombing tourists from Seabrook and Kiawah. Reached mostly by water, it can also be reached by a long walk up the beach between Botany Bay Preserve via Hammock and Pockoy Islands.

This picture displays the land side, which is now being troubled with erosion, and some of the pines are falling onto the beach . This side faces mostly west and on late humid afternoons, the sun shines through the pines and reflects off the beach and sand.

This afternoon, displayed in this painting, the beach was sparsely populated. However, on weekends, many motorboats are anchored off in the calm water and family members are on the beach or swimming in the warm but refreshing clear water from the ocean. Just between Botany Island and Seabrook, the North Edisto River dives deep to 80 feet deep in places.

 This is a small acrylic painting on stretched canvas  that is 8 X 12" and weighs 6 oz